Mar 20, 2008

John McCain's Real Story Breaking--Traitor

John McCain provided info to the enemy which directly led to the deaths of others, which he gave the North Vietnamese to obtain his medical treatment as a POW. Much more here, including how a book might be immortalizing his true legacy.

the moving finger could be about to push the Phoenix lady into prominence.
She is Patty Hopper. Mrs. Hopper is the wife of retired Army Colonel
Earl Hopper, an airborne troop, whose troublesome knees she attributes
to his penchant for “jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.” She
runs an outfit called Task Force Omega and spends most of her waking
hours researching the hundreds of U.S. military men every Administration
has left behind in Southeast Asia since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger
disgraced the Oval Office.
One of those men is Colonel Earl Hopper, Jr., who was shot down in the
area and never recovered. Another man she knows almost everything
about is John Sidney McCain
We all know that the North Vietnamese Communists became quite proficient
at shooting down our planes. How? In order to get medical treatment
for his injuries when he was shot down, John Sidney McCrud told them
what to do.