Mar 2, 2008

West Virginia Senate Bill Against REAL ID Passes, DMV and Governor Manchin Opposes

How the governor can oppose a bill that upholds the Constitution of West Virginia as well as the U.S. (see REAL ID info at top of blog) is beyond the scope of reason or justification. This bill has bi-partisan support and only OUTSIDE PRESSURE from Homeland Security and the "security merchandisers" (who profit from REAL ID at the expense of citizen's liberties), who also might play an influencing role in the governor's personal political ambitions, could be the possible agents of opposition. It is has been introduced in the House but taken a detour to a transportation committee (to be leaned on by the DMV most likely).

The governor has sworn to uphold both the State and Federal Constitutions (including 4th and 10th Amendments) and so have the legislators. They are therefore duty bound by law to support and sign this important legislation, without amendment, and IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE FEDERAL DEADLINE, to ensure that "Mountaineers are always free" from federal or state despotism, under the "plea of necessity". Is the governor against our liberty and freedom, and the Constitution? Over 17 States have passed legislation against the REAL ID Act. Most recently Montana rejected it, and the Democrat governor of Montana has been vocal about a full rebellion by the states, collectively, against it! How does the Daily Mail call this "long odds" with all this opposition, and only "three dissenting votes"?

Hats off to the Republicans in particular, like Senators Vic Sprouse (who co-sponsored Senate bill 248) and Clark Barnes, who are finally leading republicans in beginning to defend "individual liberty" and the Constitution, consistent with the republican platform. This also demonstrates a clear case where Rep. Shelly Moore Capito was wrong in supporting this unconstitutional federal legislation, which was coerced through by craft under another measure. Republicans are playing a key national role in its rejection by the states. A good conservative blog against REAL ID can be found at REAL ID WATCH.

Democrats have usually defended (constitutional) privacy rights in particular, and should help turn the Governor back to Constitutional restraints on government, which have been eroding in West Virginia as privacy has been trumped by surveillance propagandists and Mayors and County Commissioners who are pushing tyrannical "security" measures.

See our previous posts under the label "REAL ID", and see the video to right where a Senator from Maine argues against REAL ID, resulting in that state's justifiable and first rejection of it.
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Bill attacking REAL ID wins Senate passage despite long odds

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- After seeming dead in the morning, a bill objecting to a federal driver's license law passed the Senate Wednesday night after passionate debate.

The measure, ultimately passed with three dissenting votes, would block state participation in the REAL ID Act, which aims to create a national standard for driver's licenses and other identification cards in the name of homeland security.

The bill blocking participation in the REAL ID Act has drawn opposition from the state Division of Motor Vehicles and Gov. Joe Manchin.
Support for the measure was rallied on the Senate floor by Sen. Clark Barnes

"As West Virginians, we have some tolerance of the federal government, but very little,'' the Randolph County Republican said.

Barnes said the REAL ID Act amounts to a violation of privacy because it would tie state DMV computer records in with a national database