Nov 26, 2007

Analysis of West Virginia GOP Convention; Ron Paul Leading Giuliani in Delegates

The Charleston Gazette reported today what every registered republican or even independent should read. Here below, in their words, is the current delegate count with final deadline for delegates to register being this Friday, Nov. 30th.

Fred Thompson has 55 delegates ...Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney follows with 49 delegates wishing to represent him. Ron Paul of Texas has 38. The Texas congressman is edging out former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his 37 committed delegates....Another 148 delegates aren’t backing any candidate, giving each GOP contender a chance to win them over.

This will change of course by the end of this week, while 1,100 delegate seats are still up for grabs, demonstrating the public ignorance and confusion in this novel new process hastily created by the state GOP party. Rush and maneuvering will trump thoughtful deliberation in order to meet the deadline, forcing hasty decisions on delegates, perhaps largely pledging to a particular candidate without objective examination where superficial name recognition and crafted image are the primary influence.


For the best and simplest explanation of how the radically new TWO PART PROCESS of the West Virginia republican State Convention and Primary works is found here (another must read), from the Ron Paul 2008 campaign which managed to summarize it better than the state GOP website.

Note that 'uncommitted delegates' are the prize and lead the count standings in what will be a "winner take all" convention in February, with online county voting in January (requiring registration also). The regular primary will be held in May but for fewer (one half) of the delegates remaining. The entire process with this radically new state convention, you could say, is "stacked" for the GOP 'establishment' to deal and play and make it difficult to beat their favored candidate(s), since they control the majority of delegates within the convention with even the state chairman being able to appoint for any unfilled seats after the deadline Friday--where over 1,000 delegates are still needed! The few in the GOP establishment could decide for the many. Delegate counts, not straight up voting by registered republicans (i.e. votes are made within each county, thus candidates for each county are key to winning), will determine the convention winner, in this serious game.


The state GOP says this is an open process that rewards not necessarily the candidate with most money, but the most organized. But the GOP establishment, pre-emptively favoring their own candidates with the most money, are already embedded in the formal organization, and generally pre-disposed against truly open and free debate, and seeking to steer the nomination process toward the neo-republican and CFR candidates of the leadership, and a continuation of Bush's neoconservative war policies and new Homeland Security government. This is something Gnewt Gingrich even warned about, that the republicans would lose the White House if their candidate was perceived to be a continuation of Bush policies, which the polls on Bush plainly indicate. Also, some outlying counties were not granted (by the establishment gods) any "at large" delegates and also weighted delegate counts to counties who went for George W. Bush (i.e. a man with a neoconservative policy became part of the party platform, instead of conservative principles) in 2004. Thus the delegate counts by county are conceded to be stacked toward a "continuation" of the policies of George W. Bush while 70 percent of the nation is opposed to the war and Bush's approval ratings at an all time low. Thus while Gen. Chuck Yeager endorsed Duncan Hunter you will not hear much about him, or the former televangelist Huckabee, which Phyllis Schlafley's Eagle Forum virtually called a liberal in conservative clothing (see the WSJ op-ed "Another Man from Hope?").

Ron Paul's grass roots support, however, which has also included strong fund raising, like spontaneous combustion, has broken through and fronts the only conservative yet revolutionary platform of change--a counter-revolution to restore Constitutional rule of law, versus both the neoconservatives and democratic socialists, a genuine "strict constructionist" view of the Constitution that republicans sometimes talk about, but never adhere to themselves. The attraction of this candidate has increased dramatically in direct proportion to those who hear his speeches or read his Congressional track record and policies for themselves, who are alarmed at the anti-constitutional radicalism of the neoconservatives who have hijacked the republican party and are moving America from freedom to fascism while nation building toward a global federation of democracies, largely by threatening wars upon nations never attacking the United States under pretense of "war on terrorism". His anti-tax positions (including abolishing the Income Tax and IRS) have made him a favorite conservative, his 2nd amendment record shows he has pushed to roll back gun regulation, his opposition to abortion consistent as both a doctor and Congressman, who has a record of consistency in principles and personal integrity, who opposes illegal immigration, who was among the first to support Ronald Reagan toward limited government and states rights, and who calls for a return to the "just war" principles of Christianity which limits wars largely to self-defense only, contrary to neoconservative democratic jihads, which have indebted the nation and overthrown its principles.

Among the state GOP party establishment are such as Sen. Vic Sprouse who, shockingly, despite his own conservative legislative record, is a delegate for the former democrat Giuliani and the McKinneys who appear to rally around Romney, the former governor of Ted Kennedy's state. Both of these "establishment" candidates are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that supports both NAFTA and a North American Union (warned against by Dr. Jerome Corsi on 58Live), compromises toward amnesty on immigration, and are "anti-gun" in their 2nd amendment history, as well as historically pro-abortion candidates--all of which they have sought to excuse or suddenly modify, paying lip service, like Chameleons, to the Constitution and more conservative principles. Romney also signed as governor the first mandatory health insurance state law in the country--a dictatorial socialist policy. Fred Thompson has been openly cheer leaded by Daily Mail editorialist and blogger Don Surber. Yet Fred (who admittedly is being attacked by both FOX and neocon pundits like Charles Krauthammer, apparently favoring Giuliani who would follow their radical and revolutionary policies precisely) also has a history of lobbying for pro-abortion entities, is also a member of the CFR that threatens U.S. sovereignty, and already has demonstrated (prior to his official announcement) his willingness to be a pawn toward the pro-Israel lobby and the neoconservative propaganda wars against "Islamo fascists" consistent with the blueprint for a "new middle east", that has cost Americans both blood and $800 billion by invading countries that never attacked the U.S. nor harbored terrorists. Generally Fred seems to take a "maintenance" position, "strolling" toward the Presidency largely on his celebrity image, rather than presenting any concrete change of the present course in both domestic Homeland Security policy (stripping away Americans' freedoms) or foreign entanglements. It can be summed up that the party establishment is predisposed toward the neo-republican CFR candidates who follow a neoconservative, rather than conservative, agenda. The Gazette documented this too:

...Both Thompson and Romney have two state party officers and two county GOP chairmen among their Feb. 5 convention delegates. However, Thompson also has 11 legislators, while Romney has one.

Among the notable Republican Party figures committed to candidates:

- Thompson: Senate Minority Leader Don Caruth, R-Mercer; House Minority Leader Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha; former Congressman Mick Staton.

- Romney: National Committeewoman Donna Gosney; state school board Vice President Priscilla Haden; former state Supreme Court Justice John McCuskey; Sue McKinney, Harrison County GOP chairwoman and wife of the state chairman.

- Giuliani: Wood County Commission President Rick Modesitt; Sens. Frank Deem of Wood County and Vic Sprouse of Kanawha.

- McCain: Mason County Commissioner Miles Epling; Fayette County GOP Chairman Gary Lilly; former lawmaker and veteran lobbyist Larry Swann.

- Huckabee: Ashley Stinnett, head of the state’s Federation of Young Republicans.

- Hunter: Marion County GOP Chairman Andrew Sabak.

- Paul’s roster, meanwhile, suggests a more grass-roots appeal; 35 of his 38 delegates are at-large.

West Virginia GOP still needs 1100 delegates
Charleston Gazette - WV,
Ron Paul of
Texas has 38. The Texas congressman is edging out former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his 37 committed delegates. ...
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