Nov 17, 2007

Look at Basra--Stopping the Surge Works! Why Capito Should Support Troop Withdrawal

This in the face of the propaganda that the troop surge works, and that "if we leave it will bring an increase of violence and chaos". Really--will it? Take a look at what happened in Basra then.

Welcome to Human Behavior 101: When occupation and oppression ceases people stop fighting and seek to govern themselves. You cannot "liberate" through conquest, nor "defend freedom" by erecting tyranny. The only incentive to the Iraqi's for the surge to work is to lay low to make the invading U.S. troops leave. Yes, there are rival factions, but that is their business, not ours, and it is impossible for Iraq to be "liberated" as is claimed, until U.S. occupation ends.

Shelly Moore Capito will be met by protesters Tuesday (while the troops will not be home for Thanksgiving) who demand (as do the polls of 70 percent of Americans) an end to U.S. involvement in the war (i.e. invasion, occupation) of Iraq. She ought to consider this report closely.

The neocon propaganda machine parrots that "the left" (whereby they impune and lump in traditional republicans and conservatives) and "anti-war protesters want us to lose". But the truth is the war party does not want the violence to stop, except by U.S. occupation, in order to maintain a perpetual military presence in Iraq to continue the neoconservative blueprint for a "new middle east". This is why the Congressional Budget Office has done the financial numbers through 2017!
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Basra attacks down 90% since British troops left

The British army says violence in Basra has fallen by 90% since it withdrew from the southern Iraqi city earlier this year.

Around 500 British soldiers left one of Saddam Hussein's palaces in the heart of the city in early September and stopped conducting regular foot patrols.

A spokesman says the Iraqi security forces still come under attack from militants in Basra, but the overall level of violence is down 90% since the British troops left.

Britain is scheduled to return control of Basra province to Iraqi officials next month, officially ending Britain's combat role in Iraq.