Nov 8, 2007

U.S. Threatens an Israeli Attack on Iran, Cause British to Retreat From Investigation

US fears Israeli strike against Iran over latest nuclear claim

A claim by President Ahmadinejad that Iran has 3,000 working uranium-enriching
centrifuges sent a tremor across the world yesterday amid fears that Israel
would respond by bombing the country’s nuclear facilities.

Military sources in Washington said that the existence of such a large number
could be a “tipping point”, triggering an Israeli air strike. The Pentagon
is reluctant to take military action against Iran, but officials say that
Israel is a “different matter”. Amid the international uproar, British MPs
who were to have toured the nuclear facility were backing out of their Iran

srael responded by serving notice that it would not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

The US and Western allies believe that Iran is using its civilian nuclear
programme as a cover for weapon development. Tehran says that it merely
wants to generate electricity.

After this article loaded with propaganda let us set the record straight.

Israel possesses a nuclear arsenal supplied by the U.S.. Iran does not. Israel has attacked Lebanon and Syria. Iran has never attacked anyone. The U.S. has attacked Iraq and Afghanistan on false pretenses (9/11 and WMD, respectively). Iran is developing nuclear power, not nuclear weapons. Iran has a right to self defense. Iran has never, repeat never, threatened to militarily attack Israel, only rejected the political legitimacy of the Zionist state arbitrarily carved out of Palestine by the UN under pressure of WWII. (Erased from a political map, not bombed into annihilation). Yet the "liberal" corporate media (with Jewish bosses in their boardrooms), and talk radio neocon sycophants, do not want you to know these naked facts, but fully support the Israeli, neoconservative, Bush-Cheney rhetoric of Iran starting a "nuclear holocaust"--a pack of blatant lies just like WMD in Iraq.

Israel it appears will start this war, and the neocon Bush-Cheney administration wants them to before their term is up. (Recall the news leak last month that Cheney had talked secretly to Israel about attacking Iran, since the U.S. politically could not). After all war time always has improved political ratings, crushes dissent, and also and could give the neo-republicans (and Israel-firsters) a boost over Ron Paul and the rest (although the Israeli lobby, whose agents are charged with espionage, have Hillary and Obama in their pockets as well).

An important thing to note from article above. This statement shows the motive of this saber-rattling U.S. statement which threatens to not be able to control its leashless, maniacal pit bull for "democracy" in the middle east:

"Amid the international uproar, British MPs who were to have toured the nuclear facility were backing out of their Iran trip."
In other words, the U.S. making this statement about an uncontrollable Israel (right) causes the British MPs, who wanted to "see for themselves what Iran is up to" in these nuclear facilities, to be driven away in fear so that no one from Britain can refute the false claim they are developing nuclear weapons. They know that Israel just might strike and kill them while they are there--anything to hide the truth and start the war.

No doubt the U.S. would claim to be "compelled" to help its "ally" (that spies on it consistently, including during 9/11 and recently, which is in secret league with the neoconservatives controlling the Executive branch and Pentagon via Cheney) and your local National Guard (who thought they would be just "weekend warriors") could be deployed again, and some return in body bags.

Mark that this can no longer be called a "war on terrorism". It is a blatant war for imperialism. It is not a war against "Islamic jihadists". It is a neoconservative Democratic jihad for their "new middle east" which they are hasty to continue before they are stopped. Iran is no more a threat than was Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Again we are hearing of WMD which is only words of mass deception. Yet 51 percent of Americans, through lies and propaganda, "approve" of a military strike on Iran (if we are to believe the infallible "independent" pollsters to people who watch American Idol and football)? The only ones with power to "threaten WWIII" is not Iran, but the Cheney-Bush administration and Israel. Iraq may have tolerated the bombing of their nuclear facility, but Iran will not, and the neocons are eager to spark their "Clash of Civilizations", to overthrow Iran, again, or even decimate it entirely, knowing that Iran will fight to the end, and tempt Russia to enter. This is not merely this writer's opinion, but the published plan of the neoconservative Project for a New American Century and its “blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.”

"War is (indeed) hell" when you do not follow the exclusively defensive "just war" principles that authentic (protestant) Christian churches used to teach, historically, instead of the neo-Christianity of the neo-republicans that follow the imperialistic traditions of pagans and Popes to establish their novus ordo seclorum (new world order) for a PAX AMERICANA. The neocons called this "benevolent global hegemony", but it is evident that "benevolent" is collateral damage, and the course is one of raw power. It is up to Congress and the American people, or the military brass (which pledged oaths to the Constitution, not a president, and have powers of martial arrest over Executive usurpers and rogue megalomaniacs) to stop this Israeli-Neocon war conspiracy before another Iraq begins, killing another 655,000-plus middle easterners who have never attacked the United States.