Nov 11, 2007

Pat Buchanan--A Vote for Giuliani is a Vote for World War

The article was written by Pat Buchanan, a conservative, who shines the spotlight on Rudy Giuliani's advisers which is considered "AIPACs dream team" (yes the same Israeli Lobby whose two leaders will be tried for espionage against the U.S.)-- radical neoconservative psychopaths ready to start the war of the worlds! This is a must-read article, not empty rhetoric.
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Is a Vote for Rudy a Vote for War?

Rudy Giuliani has made a "promise" not to
allow Iran to acquire a nuclear capability, even if it requires U.S. military

Speaking to an Atlantic Bridge conference in London, Rudy called for NATO
expansion to include Japan, India, Australia, Singapore and Israel. Has Rudy
thought this through?

Why would Japan and Australia, each of which already has a U.S. commitment
to come to its defense, commit to go to war with a nuclear-armed Russia if it
invaded Estonia?
Team leader is Charles Hill, a co-signer of the Sept. 20, 2001, neocon
ultimatum to Bush, nine days after 9/11, warning the president if he did not
attack Iraq
Silverstein calls Rudy's eight-man advisory group "AIPAC's Dream Team" – AIPAC
being the Israeli lobby
Podhoretz emerged happy to assure us,
"There is very little difference in how he (Rudy) sees the war and I see it."
If true, a vote for Rudy is a vote for endless war.

And, as James Madison said, wars are the death of republics.