Nov 10, 2007

Giuliani's Neocon Advisor Copies Pharoah's Birth Policy

Ironic, this neoconservative policy is precisely the thinking and policy of Pharaoh of Egypt (see Exodus 1) and why he ordered the extermination of all newborn male children of Israel (the Hebrews), whose temporary asylum from famine had become slavish captivity! Pharaoh too was threatened by the dominance of Israeli births compared to the Egyptians.

Herod also applied the same much later in Israel because he considered the sages' notice of a birth of a prophesied future King , with a sign of a star, to be a threat to his kingdom, whereafter Luke records for us a similar genocide in his "pre-emptive strike" to prevent future rivals. Such is the nature of power-mongers and tyrants.

A perfect example to show who really is the tyrant and who is the oppressed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This also demonstrates the true nature of Zionism (an Israeli "divine right" of possession) and just who and what kind of people the neoconservatives really are, and the kind of advisers surrounding Giuliani.

There are also those who advocate population reductions, including in America, on the same grounds, and push women to not have children, or too many, and push birth control products onto them, just a more subtle way of accomplishing similar agendas.
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Law professor Peter Berkowitz is one of Giuliani's neoconservative braintrust: "his Senior Statecraft, Human Rights and Freedom Advisor." In a piece in the Weekly Standard a couple of years ago, the new human rights and freedom advisor expressed grave concern about the Israeli Arab birth rate at a time when western Jews aren't emigrating to Israel. He said that Arab birth rates are a "threat" to Israel's "political sovereignty and territorial integrity" and came out for a policy aimed at curbing subsidies to large families, thereby limiting Arab birth rates in the Jewish state. It's hard not to describe this attitude as racist. Does Rudy Giuliani endorse such family-planning policies?