Nov 24, 2007

Neocon Contractors Threaten Americans with Anthrax

The government never solved the anthrax attacks. It is clear that the evidence was planted, the letters from New Jersey (the home state of Michael Chertoff) said "Allah is great" and "take penicillin" and "Sept. 11th"--marks to mislead authorities to "Arab terrorists", attacks that were only made against leading Democrats in Congress (Daschle and Leahy)! Is it credible that "terrorists" would only attack leading Democrats, who resisted the PATRIOT ACT, until this happened? (Hint: This was done, as planted evidence indicates, by secret third party to push the neocon agenda and legislation, an act of coercion indeed).

Pay attention to who is warning us here. James Woolsey (former CIA chief) is a key neoconservative, member of the Project for New American Century (and many other neocon and Israeli think tanks), part of the secretive cabal that have hijacked the government since 9/11. This "terrorism expert" is with a leading private contractor of the Pentagon who earns his living from your tax dollars, in order to spread this same fear-mongering propaganda (without evidence) and obtain Pentagon contracts.

This is tantamount to threatening Americans, particularly since only the U.S. government controls the anthrax strains, the previous anthrax being traced to Ft. Detrick Maryland (yet no conviction). Before such warnings the government should be made to solve the previous anthrax crimes and be held accountable for the use of that anthrax which was obtained from government sources. (Who had access?). The U.S. also provided anthrax (per Senator Byrd's research) to Saddam Hussein of Iraq under previous administrations, along with West Nile virus, another strain warned of after 9/11.

One thing Woolsey does do here is demonstrate just how access to anthrax could be gained (thus he fronts possible conspiracy theories). One of such is to threaten someone, or scientists, in order to gain access. (It is also true that many such scientists world wide have been killed since 9/11). So why not apply what he states to the previous attacks, and increase security on those strains, instead of warning of future attacks to the people? The purpose of course here is propaganda, and "I told you so" is being set up, notably in a suggestion of public attacks, and the Academy Awards. Now why do you suppose he suggested that scenario--to Hollywood (that has produced critical films)? The purpose of this is to produce fear and to coerce (the definition of terrorism) the neoconservative agenda, of which he himself is a demonstrable part.
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U.S. remains vulnerable to anthrax attack, experts say

WASHINGTON | The United States is still “very poorly prepared” for an anthrax attack six years after a 2001 assault against Congress and television broadcasters, a former CIA director says.

“There is very little attention being paid to biological weapons,” former director James Woolsey said this week. “And that’s a shame.”

Woolsey spoke at a news conference called to release a report from ExecutiveAction, a Washington-based consultant, analyzing three anthrax attack scenarios, including a hypothetical attack at the Academy Awards.

Neil Livingston, ExecutiveAction chief executive officer, said the report was meant to be an “educational document” for the public and to show the risks that America faces.

“Terrorists could recruit a scientist at a laboratory who had access to a lethal strain of anthrax,” Livingston said. “Alternatively, they could break into a laboratory, bribe a scientist or threaten a scientist to obtain a sample.”