Nov 29, 2007

Delegate Count Update for West Virginia GOP Convention

Here is the latest delegate count as of last night of registered delegates for the republican state convention:

Fred Thompson 80
Mitt Romney 79
Ron Paul 68
Rudy Guliani 52

AGAIN NOTE: Republican Voters must be registered for special online voting, post marked by this Friday, Nov. 30th, in order to vote for their delegates during January 1-15th within their respective counties for the GOP state convention.


Now take a look at how the "liberal media" at CNN covers Ron Paul, impugning him with the establishment GOP as an "isolationist"--a complete misrepresentation. Note by this that the "liberal media" is supporting the neocon wars! Nevertheless, listen to the commentary about how Conservatives like Ron Paul for "limited government" and fiscal responsibility on several fronts. He is in the news because his momentum is building. Some insiders (outside the polls) say he could very well win New Hampshire, as did Pat Buchanan.