Nov 6, 2007

Ron Paul's $4.2 Million November 5th Money Bomb

The neo-republicans should take note that this man's constitutional message is more popular than they think, and "remember, remember the 5th of November".

The strongest evidence that the republican party does not abide by the Constitution and has disenfranchised much of its Reagan base (via absolute and blind support of Bush's "war on terror" agenda) is evidenced in this "second tier" candidates' growing popularity.

Over 74 percent of Americans (per an ABC poll on network news tonight) say the country is going in the wrong direction. And people do not believe the Big Government democrat establishment has the answer either. The neocons "war on terror" is a Democratic Jihad to overthrow "regimes" for their "new middle east", outlined by the Project for the New American Century in September 2000, an entire year before 9/11. The second clear element is that it is also the justification for an overthrow of the Constitution domestically for a new Homeland Security government--a historical blueprint for fascism. Though the ramped and hyped "terrorist threat" is statistically microscopic this revolutionary agenda toward a police state has been rammed through Congress and pushed on the American people. Could it be that THIS is what 74 percent of Americans do not like or approve of? The potential for a presidential candidate who breaks from "staying the course", by these measures, is that he obviously has a greater chance of being elected if enough people hear of him.

The CFR neo-republicans and democrats will never break from the present course. Instead of attempting to silence him the republican establishment needs to pay attention to the irrefutable fact that people disenfranchised from their own party (Reagan- and paleo-conservatives) are attracted to his message of limited government and restrained foreign policy. But that is too reasonable for the willingly ignorant , "stay the course" republicans.

The Washington Post knew that they had to print something on such a newsworthy event. Not too bad an article, while however still using slang pejoratives to cast contributors as a small well-organized faction. Well, "money talks", and shows conviction. This will increase his fund raising further and people will now takes his positions seriously. There is no way this was done by "spammers". Maybe Don Surber has another "conspiracy theory" of how this one was done too! Tell us Don, was it "Nigerians for Ron Paul" that did this? Too bad Fred Thompson and Rudy "Godfather" Giuliani do not have an enthusiastic base outside of the "establishment". But watch and see too that serious business investors love the "free market" economics of Ron Paul. I predict now more of them will jump on the bandwagon (as George Will has) and his support, including financially, could grow exponentially by year's end.

The support for the positions of Ron Paul (to restore Constitutional rule of law and our freedoms, and against unjust wars) is very real, and the neocons' worst nightmare. Republicans should embrace someone who is restoring their former principles that the party would benefit greatly from.

Paul's Money-Bomb Throwers

Speculate, theorize, stereotype. Only one thing is clear: the Paulites, the loyal, organized, Web-savvy supporters of Rep. Ron Paul, know how to raise money online, and 37,000 Paulites set a record yesterday by hauling in more than $4.2 million in 24 hours. That's the most money raised online by a candidate in a single day. A Paulite came up with the fundraising idea, a few more Paulites joined in and set the date for Nov. 5, Guy Fawkes Day, a symbol of rebellion in British history, then the "money bomb" effort spread virally.
"What he's done -- what his supporters have done -- is astonishing," Ed Rollins, who managed Ross Perot's campaign in 1992 and served as an adviser to President Reagan, told The Trail. "You can't dismiss his anti-war vote. You can't dismiss the power of one man standing up with a powerful message.

And that grassroots support, especially his popularity online, has been something of a phenomena.