Nov 19, 2007

Powell to Propaganda: Iran No Nuclear Threat

Let the neoconservative sycophants in the media and talk radio swallow this, and bite their tongues. That also includes local talk radio, especially 58 Live's Michael Agnello, and programs like 60 Minutes.

Yes, if you read the article of course the AP had to cover their lying tales by stating that the IAEC said it could not "rule out" anything being done in secret. As everyone should know, by logic, it is impossible to disprove a negative suspicion even it it contains no evidence. Such statements could be said, using the same model of propaganda, for ANY country in the world.

It appears Colin Powell, who gave the most deceitful presentation on Iraq WMD to the United Nations, now completely refuted by expert counter-testimony (see Veterans Day article below), wants no part in pushing a resistant military and public into another neocon war. While Drudge put this on his front page we will not hold our breath to see if the networks report the same.
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Powell: Iran far from nuclear weapon

KUWAIT CITY - Iran is far from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and despite U.S. fears about its atomic intentions, an American military strike against the Islamic Republic is unlikely, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday.

Former US Secretary of State General Colin Powell addressing a symposium on 'Opportunity and Crisis in the Middle East' in Kuwait City on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007. (AP Photo/Gustavo Ferrari)

Tehran rejects claims by the United States and some European Union countries that its nuclear program is aimed at secretly producing weapons, insisting it is for peaceful purposes only.

"I think Iran is a long way from having anything that could be anything like a nuclear weapon," said Powell, who was invited by the National Bank of Kuwait to speak on economic opportunity and crisis in the Middle East.

A recent report by the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog found Iran has been generally truthful in the information it has provided the agency about aspects of its past nuclear activities.

There is no base of support among Americans for such an action, Powell said, adding that the U.S. military already has enough on its hands